Sunday, 22 July 2012

Indian Stock Market Online Trading

There are lot of strategies available to do online stock trading in through Indian stock exchanges. Some of the investors may go for long term investments i.e. they will invest in stocks for years and will forget it. Some of the traders will go for short term investments to generate more returns. Do stock market research and learn stock market using share market tutorial. It is the best time to invest in the Indian share markets and get good returns.

There are two exchanges available in India.

BSE - Bombay Stock Exchange:

It is the oldest exchange and most of the index heavy weight stocks are traded in this exchange. The BSE 30 includes the top 30 stocks by market capitalization and this represents the Indian Sensex.

NSE - National Stock Exchange:

This is an electronic exchange. The top 50 stocks called National 50 or "Nifty" represents the index of the next 50 stocks by market capitalization. This is located in Mumbai.

Day trading and short term investments are strategies that area available in Indian stock markets for getting quick returns, but it is more risky. There are lot of chances to burn your fingers and lose the money which you have invested. But if you are bit careful you can always win.

Read some of my tips to earn returns quickly through Indian stock exchange.

Day Trading Strategies in Indian Stock Markets:
  • Initially do not take much exposure in stocks beyond your capacity, even if the brokerages give you excess exposure limit. Some stocks in India like Reliance Natural Resources Limited might look very cheap so that you can take more exposure. But try to limit within your capacity.
  • Get tips from 2 or more brokerage houses and then analyze the tips before investing. Some of the reliable brokerage houses in India are ICICI Direct, Sharekhan and Motilal Oswal.
  • Before you buy the stocks or sell the stocks on day trading, check the opening position of the stocks through Indian stock market live charts.
  • If the opening is against the brokerage recommendations, then for heaven sake do not take positions.
  • Watch the prices in the share trading software continuously till you close the position. Some of the software that gives the live prices are available in ICICI Direct and Sharekhan.
  • if you feel the stocks breaches the stop loss price, then immediately close the position.
Short term Investments in Indian Shares:
  • This is another type of investment where you can buy stocks and keep it for one or two months and then exit once the price reaches the target. Target some mid cap stocks like Power Grid Corporation and other banking stocks like State Bank of India, ICICI Bank and HDFC Bank.
  • Stock market education is essential to do clear analysis and invest. Investor learning sessions are conducted by leading brokerage houses like ICICI direct and Sharekhan.
  • This is less risky when compared to day trading.
Online stock market trading is the most efficient way to do trading in this modern world. You can also go to, they also provide research reports for other financial products like investing in mutual funds.

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